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           I never thought I would see the end of the rainbow...thought it was a myth...but one day, on the West Indies island of Dominica, I did!  I wondered if I would ever have the chance to have my own radio show...it happened. It was a hot summer day in Nashville, Tn. Standing in a swimming pool with water up to my waist. I overheard a lady, Miss Darenda Owens, (Founder of NashvilleRadio.biz, and a very talented vocalist), remark how she was unable to find radio hosts for her station. I raised my hand and that got her attention! She said “you”? I said “yes”. I told her radio had been a dream since childhood...that I was a professional musician and knew how to handle an audience and work a sound board. She asked what kind of show I had in mind. I said I’d like to play what I like to play...and interview performers, writers, producers, record execs, roadies, studio engineers, bus drivers, etc...those who could share thoughts from their vantage point on the music industry that most of the public hadn’t heard much about. Having been a professional musician for many years I have walked down many of the same roads, and peeked over the shoulders of many like them as they proceeded on their journey. So please, from time to time, follow me on mine, as they speak, or sing, about theirs.


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